Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 Easy Santa Crafts

Kids and adults alike love things that have to do with Santa! I have found some fun crafts that can be done around the home with children (and sometimes adult help) to create one-of-a-kind and special Santa crafts!

Edible Santa Snack:

DIY Graham Cracker Santa

This Santa consists of a graham cracker square, marshmallows, white frosting, some white frosting with red food coloring, red gum drops, and red hots for eyes. Simple enough for a group children's snack or just at home for the kids to create a Santa snack!

Pony Bead Santa:

Pony Bead Santa
Pony Bead Santa Instructions and Materials

Making key chains with pony beads and the vinyl string was an activity I frequently did as a child in my elementary/middle school days. The needed materials can all be purchased at your local craft store. It is a fairly easy craft to teach younger children.

Santa Hand Print Greeting Card:

santa handprint card

This is a craft that can either be done entirely by a child, or it can be the hand print of a very young child (or infant) and an adult can craft the hand print into the Santa to send out as a keepsake. You will need card stock, white tempura paint, googly eyes, a small red pom-pom for the nose (or a red paper circle for 2-d), some pink paper circles and white paper circles, and red paper you can cut out into a hat. I suggest waiting to see what size the hand print ends up being before you decide on the size of the hat you will cut out.

If doing this with an infant's hand print, it is sometimes easiest to do this while they are sleeping because they are less likely to clinch their hand into a fist as the lift their hand away from the paper. Sometimes single sheets of paper for the hand print are also easier and can be glued with rubber cement onto the card stock instead of potentially "ruining" the card stock with a bad hand print you wish to redo. These tips I know first hand from teaching in an infant classroom for several years.

Santa Belly Ornament:

Easy Santa’s Belly Ornament | Crafts by Amanda

It isn't just Santa's face that gets attention during the holiday season. His belly with the big black belt are also largely recognized as a Santa theme. For this ornament, there are multiple options. You can find an ornament that is already red, you can have a child paint the outside of an ornament red, you can purchase a clear glass ornament and coat the inside with red paint, or you can fill a clear glass ornament with red objects. To make the belt you can either paint the black strip, use felt, use black ribbon hot glued, or cut a black strip of paper that can be secured using double sided tape. To make the buckle, the photo uses a gold chenille stem but you can use a metallic pipe cleaner, yellow felt, a gold fabric paint, or a metal crafting embellishment that is the correct size.

Falling Santa:

Santa handprint

This is the first time I have seen a hand print turned into a falling Santa, but absolutely love it. Your child can make it into an entire scene or just the hand print. One idea for a scene would be to do the hand print in one medium (markers, crayons, colored pencils) and then the rest of the scene in a different medium.

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