Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fast Peanut Butter Fudge

We are just days away from Christmas and sometimes I realize I need a quick small gift or a filler for a treat bag to give that person you think of but forgot to buy for. In combination of people recovering from the world NOT ending yesterday, and procrastinators that like to do things late at night but not go to the grocery store this recipe is for you because you likely have what you need or could stock up on the ingredients and they have a great shelf life!

There are only 3 ingredients you need...and one of them isn't an ingredient.
1. Creamy Peanut Butter
2. White Chocolate Chips
3. Mini Muffin Papers

I went through about 200 mini muffin cups, 5 bags of white chocolate chips, and one large Jif Creamy Peanut Butter from Sam's Club. I don't measure the peanut butter when I make the fudge, but my rule of thumb is that the peanut butter needs to take on the whiter color of the chocolate chips. If there is not enough white chocolate your fudge won't harden and will be a soft mess!

To make the fudge you will need your stove, a double broiler or two pots inside of each other like I used, a spoon and spatula, large pans or trays.

Step 1: Once you have two pots stacked within each other and water warming in the bottom pan, add your white chocolate chips to the top pot. Take care NOT to allow the water below to leak into the top pot or start boiling and spray in. Water and melted chocolate do not mix well and will likely ruin the entire batch.

Step 2: While you are slowly allowing your white chocolate to melt, begin putting your mini cupcake liners on your large trays. These little guys like to stick, so it is the perfect activity to do while patiently waiting for your chocolate to become smooth and melted.

Step 3: As your chocolate chips are melting, go ahead and add the peanut butter to the pan. You can mix them as often as you like. Once the white chocolate is about half melted, mixing the two ingredients together is pretty easy and will help melt the rest of the chocolate chips.

Step 4. Once the white chocolate chips have been completely melted and the peanut butter thoroughly mixed, you can begin to fill your mini muffin papers. I suggest using a small spoon to fill them. It might also be helpful if you keep your melted fudge in the water bath or double boiler so that it stays melted and easy to pour.

Step 5. Since it is very cold out, I put my trays of poured fudge out in my garage and they were set up within an hour. This is so much faster than when you pour a large slab of fudge and wait for it to set because it doesn't hold in heat easily.

Step 6: Enjoy your portioned fudge pieces! This presentation eliminates the need for messy cutting and is easily bundled with other treats.

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