Monday, December 17, 2012

Healthy Portion Sizes

Taking time to measure everything you eat can become more trouble than it is worth for some people. If you tend to eat the same foods on a rotating basis like I do, you can likely get away with only measuring your food for a week then eye-ball it after that once you get used to what a portion size should look like.

If you eat different foods all the time, this can be more difficult determining how much you should eat as a serving. I found a chart that helps you have a vision of measurements for you food.

Keeping this in mind might be really shocking at first. There are many times I truly thought I was eating just one serving size of a food and later realize how much I was over-eating. If you can stick to smaller portions and eat multiple meals through the day, you won't feel as hungry within a week. I find it amazing how little food I can be satisfied with if I actually go the week or so watching what I eat. Stomachs shrink fairly easily :-) Unfortunately I'm talking about your organ inside your body...not the fat you want to get rid of on the outside!

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