Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Indoor Christmas Village Displays

My favorite part of Christmas decorations are setting up all of my village houses. They are such a favorite of mine that whatever room our main living space is in that year will be the home to this village. This is the first year in a while that our main living space is in the den. I know this is the traditional space to be in, but we previously used the front living room because of the proximity to the front door and the natural lighting of the windows.

The next indoor home display by Kay and Dick Erb is one of the most elaborate and largest I have seen in a home! I would just love this if I had the room!

We made things a bit comfier recently by moving our space into the room with a fireplace and built-in book shelves. These bookshelves were the most obvious place to set up my village! I spent a few minutes clearing off all the picture frames that were originally homed on these shelves in order to have a safe place for my houses that the cats wouldn't be able to get to to investigate.

When I was younger, the Christmas village set up with my grandmother always had a white fluffy snow blanket as the starting point, and we would even add mirrors to the blanket of snow to create skating rinks. When using a snow blanket, books or small boxes can be hidden underneath so that you can create different heights throughout your village. Some people also incorporate small running trains that go around the village.

Since my houses are displayed on multiple levels, I did not opt to have fake snow blankets, mirrors, or even the shiny fake snow you can sprinkle around. I also do not use trains because I am certain I would have three cats very interested in killing it. But, if you have a spare dining room table not used often and no small children or pets to destroy your work, this can make the perfect space for displaying your village.

My house likes to keep the room we stay in dimly lit at night while we watch t.v. I have about 20 houses with at least one small bulb inside each, so this creates the perfect ambient lighting to accompany the small Christmas tree and television light.

The only two things that make this even greater is a wonderful fire in the fire place and a few candles lit along the mantle! My mantle will never make Martha Stewart's magazine, but every piece is special to me and my family. Some people have amazing mantle decor like a few of these:


I love this time of year so much! I love the villages so much that I usually try to justify keeping them out through all of the "winter" season.

There are many businesses and Christmas shows that have huge displays and elaborate decorating of Christmas villages. Look in your area to see if there are any near you, often for free or a very low admission fee. Often times you can find them along with "Meet Santa", reindeer petting zoos, and/or bake sales/hot chocolate/holiday treat sales.

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