Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping warm in the cold

Here are some great tips for staying warm this winter!

1. Layer your clothes. This helps keep you warmer than just one thick layer because you trap air inside the different layers and the air warms up. Air is a poor conductor of heat and therefore traps your body heat. The more layers you have the more air you can trap in between them. Paper Blogs has a very stylish post on how to layer for winter.

2. Insulate you home. I did a post about some good tips for this a couple days ago.

3. Build a fire. Not only can a fire heat your living room, it brings a certain amount of cheeriness that just makes you feel warmer! Be sure to check out our post on chimney and fireplace safety though!

4. Eat and drink warm liquids to heat yourself from the inside out. Winter is the time for soups and stews and casseroles and all things hot and tasty. I also love a nice mug of hot cider, cocoa, or tea! They even make cocoa and soups that are self warming for when you want something hot on the go!

5. Keep your extremities warm. Keeping our vital organs warm is our bodies’ main goal when it’s cold outside. As chilly weather lowers our body temperature, our brains make the blood vessels in our extremities constrict, lessening the amount of blood flowing through these regions and increasing blood and heat flow to more essential areas. The process protects what’s most important for our survival, but it also results in chilly fingers and toes.
Gloves, hats, and socks help keep you warm, but there are other things you can do as well. Lipglossiping has a wonderful selection of tips for keeping your feet warm. For your hands they make these reusable warmers now.

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