Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath Now for 2013

The whole idea of making a wreath came about as my mother had some ornaments that she no longer wanted for her Christmas tree because of her cats, but liked too much to throw out. She offered them to me if I wanted them, and as soon as I saw them I instantly knew I could make something she could still have out in the house but that the cats wouldn't destroy. I came up with using them to make a wreath!

I bought all of the things for the wreath after Christmas when the items went on sale at a deeper discount. Said and done, the wreath I made in the instructions below cost me less that $25 total...and I still have left over pieces to make another wreath AND it was a lighted wreath!

Step 1: Find a plain wreath that is the size and color you desire. I found this one on sale for $10.20 and it was already lighted. The frame for the wreath was designed double on this (you will see what I mean with the ribbon later).

 Step 2: Gather the materials you plan to use on the wreath. I bought a poinsettia garland, maroon ribbon, small pine cones that had some gold embellishments, and a tube of disco ball style maroon ornaments. These were all purchased to accompany the original items being re-purposed (the non-ball ornaments and the wooden Santa pictured later).

Step 3-5: I always start with the ribbon because I wish that to be the bottom "layer" if items would need to overlap throughout the wreath. I wrapped the ribbon only on the outer ring of the wreath, basically it just doesn't go to the middle edge of the wreath, but only the middle of the wreath to the outside edge. Don't wrap the ribbon too tight, you might need slight room to readjust and you want to be able to see it! Next you will want to position your largest focus piece. For me, it was a large painted Santa. I used a maroon braided cord to tie his waist to one of the main rings of the wreath frame. After this large piece was placed, I placed the next largest items, which were the disco-ball ornaments.

Step 6: Now that the ribbon and ornaments have been placed, it is time to do a little trial and error. The whole reason I started this wreath was to incorporate some clay ornaments and the wooden you will need to place them around to see what looks right. After I got the placement of the fancy ornaments set, I randomly poked some of the poinsettia flower I cut off the garland strand into the wreath.

Step 7: Make sure that every piece you put on your wreath is secured to a branch or the wreath frame. The heavier it is the closer to the frame (if not on the frame) you should attach your items. You should also experiment a few times holding the wreath upright to see how the items hang or settle.

Step 8: Plug in your wreath and see what you made! I was absolutely amazed at how great this little vision came together. I went into the craft store not really knowing what I was going to want for the wreath, but because I had seen the Santa and clay ornaments I knew what colors were in them. My advice to others: start with one focus item or a color scheme in mind then just go shopping to see what you can find in those colors. I never ended up using the pine cones with gold embellishments for this wreath because sometimes less is more!

Now you won't be able to wait to use your new wreath until next year! Another idea: purchase a plain wreath while it is marked down now and make a different holiday themed wreath that you can use. If I get lucky enough to still find these wreaths at the store when I go back later tonight I'm going to make a winter themed one and a Valentines themed wreath!

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