Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet My New Puppy!

What was I thinking?! I have SO much room for loving my pets, and since the passing of my first dog less than two months ago I had decided to wait a long while before getting another dog. I have Riley, my two year old mini dachshund and three cats....

But, in a moment of complete agreement with my husband and three step-children, we decided to get another mini dachshund puppy now. We looked at the puppy ads for a few hours and found only two we were interested in. We called up the one we were most interested in and she just so happened to be traveling very close to our house within the next two hours and said she could bring the puppy out our way to look at him. We looked at him and well, love at first sight!

He is doing wonderfully in his first few days with us. His name is Thurman, and he is 10 weeks old today. He is a long hair doxie, so I will look forward to learning about his coat and how to care for him differently than Riley who is a short-hair.

I am so fortunate that I can bring my dogs with me to my store, so this puppy is given many opportunities to learn to go to the bathroom outside. We have an over 90% success rate with him so far, and in reality his body is too young to actually be 100% trained. I made the executive decision not to paper train or pee-pee pad train him. To me, it is training them twice to be potty trained outside.

I am also thankful that the weather hasn't gotten too cold and that there isn't snow yet. I know that I won't be able to avoid those things, but the longer I have with him in decent weather the less challenging it should be to get him to go outside when no one wants to leave the house!

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