Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Homemade Gifts for Christmas

I was very much inspired by Stephanie's post about Planning Ahead for Homemade Christmas gifts and it got me thinking about some ideas of my own.

1. I found this on Pinterest. These snowmen are a fun twist for homemade hot chocolate mix idea! They are especially great if you have a million empty baby food jars laying around!

2. Another suggestion to use those essential oils Stephanie mentioned would be to Make your own Potpourri. I love potpourri!

3. Using scrap fabric or even dish towels you can sew your own heated neck wraps. Just sew two long pieces of fabric together, fill with rice and lavender, and pop it into the microwave!

You can also do the same thing, but for your feet! Check out Simply Jenna for the tutorial.

 4. If you are giving gifts to a bunch of nieces and nephews this is a great can use candy bars or small gifts.

5. What could possibly be a better gift than a sundae kit? I personally would LOVE to receive this!


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