Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Week Until Christmas

How much of your holiday has already been shopped for and planned? If you are like me only about half. I have almost all of the presents purchased and wrapped. My family knows I am hosting the meal for Christmas lunch, and that I will be cooking.

The meal is my only big hurdle for all my Christmas Day plans to come together. I will have to clean the house before guests arrive, but I will work on that all week little by little.

I have not made specific plans on who will bring what, or what all I will make. Since I am thinking about it one week out, my best intentioned plan is that I will come up with a full menu by Saturday.

After knowing what I will make, I will have time to do my big food shopping on Sunday and begin preparing parts of the food Sunday and Monday so I have less to worry about on Christmas.

I'm double lucky for Christmas because it just so happens to be my birthday too. My favorite thing in the world (at least upon first waking up) is sleeping in. So if you are good at math, you will realize that this means since I'm hosting a lunch I won't be sleeping in.

I plan to take care of that by having all my dishes prepared and in pans/bowls before my family's night before Christmas adult gathering.

With only one week until Christmas, time feels like it is flying but I am determined to enjoy the Christmas spirit no matter how quickly it feels like it is going to leave. Planning ahead is the only way I can schedule time to enjoy the holidays!

Good luck with your final week preparations!

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