Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perfect Time to Diet-66 Days

When do you think the perfect time to start a diet would be? Most people automatically think about the beginning of the new year. Some people get exercise equipment as Christmas gifts, or make plans to join a gym. All of these things are great! If it takes the beginning of the new year to get you new energy and new motivation then by all means go for it.

Technically, the perfect time to diet is now. There are always a million excuses to wait or not start right away, but the truth is that a diet is mostly about mental preparation and willingness to try to commit to a life style change.

I am going through this necessity right now, not because it is almost the new year and I am jumping on the bandwagon, but because my doctor just told me within the last week I needed to lose a significant amount of weight. Rather than go ahead and let myself "enjoy" the holidays, I made a decision for myself: I am going to start now because there is no "perfect" time to start.

I think I had a really smart idea by making this decision too. One thing I will NOT have to battle is loosing the extra 5-10 pounds people frequently put on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are lots of get-together and holiday parties, work parties...and don't forget the gift baskets that are sent by just about every business that does business with your company. We are talking thousands and thousands of calories that just are not that readily available the rest of the year.

So, while all the people around me are eating those "once a year" Christmas cookies or candies or breads, I am being good and sticking to a clean and healthy diet.  Am I really depriving myself? No. I have had one cookie out of a batch of 96 I bought...but my intention is to save the goodies just for Christmas Eve and Christmas day rather than the entire month of December like many people.

I think it is pretty common for people to stick really well to a new diet plan for the first couple of weeks. I have tried eating well for many months, but nothing too hardcore. The last week is where I really noticed a change in watching every last thing I eat, determining whether I really need it and if I have had the calories my body really needs.

I am banking on my initial diet strength to get me through the holidays, THEN when I want to cave the most and think about backing out of my diet because it is easier, it will be in the thick of when "most" people have decided to go on a diet and lose a few pounds. That means the foods that are temptations will have disappeared from easy access and my diet will keep right on track for at least another few weeks.

Scientists say that on average it takes 66 days to form a habit. If I am able to remain strong through December then also along with society through January, I won't have to call my diet a diet any longer. It will be something that is routine and what is healthy for my body.

Technically everyone has a diet-it is merely what you consume. My diet just needs to improve to more natural, fresh, and less processed food. If you are thinking about needing to lose weight "soon" just take this one last thought with you-as much as you dread doing what it takes to lose the weight you want to lose now, think about how much harder you will have to work if you eat a lot through the holidays and gain wait. You will have to lose extra pounds just to get to where you started when you decided you wanted to lose weight!

Good luck to everyone who struggles with their weight, it really isn't easy, but I know when I reach 50 or 60 I'm going to be really mad at myself for abusing my body and avoiding the hard work when it was easier in my 20's!

Stephanie's Weight Loss To Date: 10 pounds

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