Monday, December 10, 2012

Unique Christmas Wrapping Game

Today I found myself wrapping all of the Christmas presents I had purchased so far because I knew my step-children would be at my house on Tuesday and I did not want to accidentally leave out any present that they could discover.


I have to admit, I am guilty of sometimes buying presents for the kids (or other groups of people) without having a completely specific recipient in mind. Most of the time it is with the kids because we all know that sometimes we need to "even" out the gifts. This is very difficult to do if you ALSO want to have the gifts wrapped right away after purchasing.

This was when I took this dilemma today and made it into a much more fun event. As I was wrapping the gifts I put name tags on the packages, but I did not put names. Instead, I made a list from A to Z and on the list I wrote down what the gift was. If I already knew for certain who it was for I wrote that too.

The gift tag on the present just has the letter on it. Why go to this trouble you may ask?! Well, I am not one for hiding gifts. I am that person who weeks after Christmas re-discovers a hidden gift, so I just avoid this all together. The other reason is that it helps build up some suspense in the kids to see lots of gifts under the Christmas tree.

The coolest part of all is that since all the gifts I wrapped for my parents, grandparents, step-children, and husband are all in there the kids will have an even more difficult time trying to figure out what is in the packages.

Do you and your family have a unique game or tradition with how you wrap your presents, present them, or open them? Share a comment and let us know!

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