Thursday, January 31, 2013

14 Days of Valentine's (for Husband or Significant Other)

What an amazing idea for Valentine's Day! I found this on accident while looking at Pinterest and thought it was the perfect little way to to let your "other half" feel special for not just one day, but 14! There are 18 ideas so you can choose the 14 your significant other will like the most. You will need to start tomorrow, February 1!

14 days of Valentines treats for hubby!

Just in case you can't read all of the 14 days from the photo I will type them out.
1. Crush soda: I have a CRUSH on you
2. Reese's Pieces: You stole a PIECE of my heart
3. Hot Tamales: You are my HOT TAMALE
4. Sweedish Fish: You o'FISH'ally have my heart
5. M&M Pretzel: I'd be KNOTS without you
6. Any can of soda: I "SODA" think you are amazing
7. 100 Grand Bar: You are priceless to me
8. Pop Rocks Candy: You ROCK my world
9. Skittles: You COLOR my world
10. Package of Gum: I'm stuck on you
11. Starburst: You are the "STAR" in my eyes
12. Rollo: I like the way you ROLL
13. Pay Day: I'm NUTS about you
14. SweetTarts: You are my SWEETIE
15. Almond Joy: It's a JOY being married to you
 16. Apple: You are the APPLE of my eye
17. Now & Later candy: I want you NOW AND LATER
18. Baby Ruth: Thanks for going to BAT for me

Originally Posted on Pinterest by: Dana Sharp-Sharp

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