Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Fake Snow and Ice Crafts and Activities

As much as children love to play with real snow, some children don't like the cold! Likewise, adults love the beauty of snow and winter time, just not the weather portion of it. I have five crafts that I absolutely love that brings the concept of snow from the outdoors inside!

 #1 Melted Snowman Ornaments
Melted Snowman Ornament

You will need: clear ornaments, fake snow or white/silver glitter, fabric scrap for scarf, orange clay dried to a carrot shape or cut foam, two small black beads or rocks for eyes, and two twigs for the arms. Ribbon for the top of the ornament optional.

#2 Ice Light Catchers

Winter Sun Catcher

Ok. this one is real ice, but in a small quantity so you don't have to handle cold items for long! Click here for instructions on how to make it from Spoonful.

#3 Paper Snowflakes by Cut Out and Keep 3-D Paper Snowflakes

Beautiful Paper Snowflake

These snowflakes are a bit more grown up than the 2-D style we grew up making. However, there are some pretty intricate 2-D snowflakes I would never be able to tackle.

#4 Ice Exploration

ice excavation diy-crafts

This is a great activity for kids who like to destroy! You can do this in your freezer or a much larger scale by using a large container outside when it is below freezing. If you do this activity large scale, you will need to make it in several steps so the items do not all sink OR you can make many on a small scale like in the photo then place the small frozen pieces in a large pan, add water, and freeze into a single large block. Just make sure you use items that can be replaced if destroyed or lost!

#5 Marshmallow Igloo
marshmellow igloo

This is a fun kid's activity, but done with precision can be fun for adults too! To mock this photo, you will need a white paper or foam plate, a white paper or Styrofoam cup cut in half to make the entrance, and a white foam or paper bowl that will fit on the upside down paper or foam plate. You can glue it or, use vanilla icing to stick it. Aluminum foil makes a fun reflective surface for the bottom plate or over the bowl to reflect between the marshmallows.

Bonus: Wine Glass Snow Globe
Snowman snow globe #PlaidCrafts #crafts

This can be a very unique piece for your home. You can find a wine glass, add some paint to the stem and rim of the glass, find small figures for the side (I would look for a small snowman or an angel), add a round ball to the top with eyes, nose and mouth painted, and then add a small cloth hat! If you went with an angel in the middle, you could substitute a halo instead of the hat!

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