Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Fun Snowman Building Ideas

#1 Traditional Snowman
Made with three snow balls, the largest on bottom and getting smaller as you get to the head. Many people use carrots for the nose, a scarf around the head, sticks for arms, and charcoal for eyes, and smaller charcoal or dark rocks for buttons and mouth.

#2 Squashed Snowman
from Bills Box of Sound
 Upside down Snowman by Bills Box of Sound, via Flickr
I like the squashed look too!

#3 Upside-Down Snowman

Upside Down Snowman.. So cute!  Definitely want to do this with the kids this year!!
Its a great activity for those old or out-grown boots/shoes no one will wear!

Or try this upside-down version that isn't made from the traditional three snowballs:
Upside Down Snowman!  Alec is super excited about the 1" of snow on the ground,  Can't wait until it snows more so we can REALLY have fun!

#4 Lost His Head Snowman

This seems like a difficult one to attempt! I can imagine the sticks for arms need to be very strong for this! Perhaps if you just pack some snow around a light hollow object that would cut down the weight of the head. Or, if you lean the two base snow balls backwards a tiny bit, the head could be part of the middle ball of the snowman.


#5 Bird Feeder Snowman Head

What a nice way to remember  our bird friends when they are trying to find food in the cold snowy winter!


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