Saturday, January 19, 2013

Furminator-LOVE it

If I were Oprah, and this was my "Favorite Things" episode, I would give everyone one of this product: a furminator.

I have a long haired dachshund and three cats....and this tool makes the biggest impact on my long hair cat. I can not believe how much extra hair our pets are capable of holding on their bodies. Humans naturally brush our hair and wash it regularly, so we get rid of the extra hair our bodies is trying to loose.

Our pets are a different story. Many household pets have a regular coat and an undercoat. The tricky part is when the undercoat can't get out and it starts acting like a magnet and keeps many hairs from being lost.

The first night I used this product on my long haired cat I thought for sure I could make an additional cat with all the hair I got off of him. I decided to concentrate on one area of his fur to see what kind of difference I could notice from the brushed part versus the non-brushed area.

The area I had worked on felt the way my short hair cats feel. I then realized that just because my cat had longer hair, I hadn't noticed the signs that his coat wasn't the way it should be.

Over the course of a week, I worked on him for about 15 minutes each day always getting hair as I went. This product is sold in probably 10 different sizes and I purchased the smallest. I figured at the time 1. it was cheaper and 2. I didn't want something that was too big to injure my dachshund puppy.

Since it benefits my large cat so much, I wish I had gotten a larger tool because I wouldn't have needed quite as much time. This photo is not my cat, nor is it the same amount of hair but it will give you an idea! My cat had this much hair each day the first three days I used it, and they look about the same size and length of hair.

An important note: this tool does NOT cut the hair as you go. I let my father borrow it on his cat and he got more hair than he imagined and assumed there was a small razor in between each tooth of hte tool. It works because the fine teeth on the comb grab the loose hairs rather than pass through them and leave them behind. That being said, you can overuse this product and get out more hair than your pet needs. So just use good judgement. I use it to avoid the hair ball bunnies in all the corners of my house.

I throw my pet hair away after getting it off the pet, but someone with a lot of time on their hands saved their dog hair to make Ellen's face:

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