Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glass Block Decorating

Discounted Craft Block | Quality Glass Block and WindowMy sister-in-law was given a really cool present from a co-worker at Christmas-a glass block that had her son's school logo on it. There were Christmas lights inside of it and it looked great sitting on a shelf in her television cabinet. It was hand-made so instantly I had to know how to get a glass block with a pre-cut hole in it.

glass block showerThese glass blocks have been used for building walls and windows in areas such as bathrooms. The original blocks though, do not have a cut hole in it. Now, I have found at Hobby Lobby they carry several different sized glass blocks called Krafty Blocks. They have the pre-drilled holes and sometimes a plastic plug to put in the hole that was cut.

I want to make a million different blocks and put them all over my house, but I know I need to limit myself! The first two I am going to make are going to be the rectangular shaped blocks, one each for my step-daughters for Valentine's Day. I envision them putting their block on their dresser and using them as night-lights.

Word of advice: If you can still find Christmas light strands they will be much cheaper than buying the same type of strands in the glass block section that just don't have holiday packaging on them!

There are so many possibilities with these blocks you will be coming up with reasons to make them to give as gifts!

I have seen four basic ideas for using these blocks:

#1 painting the design or using a vinyl decal or rub-on on the outside of the glass while using Christmas lights or a single bulb inside. There is also glass etching powder for a "do-it-yourself" etching project.

 glass block ideas crafts -

#2 filling the inside of the block with objects.

July crafting night with Crafting Sistas' included the glass block frame -- lovely addition to any home. #KraftyBlok idea - glass block idea. @Diamond Tech Crafts

#3 painting a design on the outside of the glass AND adding 3-D embellishments to the outside.

 Note to self. I have saved the items for this craft on on my wish list. they have the block and stands there. KJB

#4 decorating the outside of the glass block seasonally.

Acceptable use for glass block-1 sweater, 3 crafts ~ glass block snowmanlight block jack-o-lantern.   Clear glass blocks at Michael's or any craft store.

The first go-round at these glass blocks is the one I made for my mom for her birthday last week. I went to the hobby store with a completely open mind about what materials and mediums I would use. I found a few things that look like a great start if you plan on making many blocks over the year for gifts and to decorate your home. In a day or two, I will have the step-by-step on how I made her birthday block! But here is a sneak-peak of the design I will attempt tackle stained glass style:

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