Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Handmade Greeting Cards

Crafting has just taken over my brain now that it is winter, I graduated, and have little else to fill my time while I work. In addition to making wreaths and glass blocks, I have been eying all the scrap booking papers, stickers, stencils, and other paper crafting ideas. All while being on sale, I purchased The Paper Studio's 1 pound card stock scrap pack as well as their ribbon scrap pack. I purchased blank cards and envelopes and went to town coming up with interesting cards.

Specifically, I set out to make 25 greeting cards to give an older friend as a "thank-you" present. I know she sends greeting cards to many people for all sorts of occasions, so this is a gift she will use.

I already owned some scrap booking stickers, stamps, and embossing I brought out all these supplies and just started creating unique cards. I made 25 different greeting cards with somewhat generic occasions.

 I will share a few different techniques and styles with you.

Style 1: Stickers and Card Stock
This is one of the easiest ways to get your brain thinking about making a greeting card. I had some heart stickers (since it is close to Valentine's Day). I decided since this is a gift I'm giving to someone else (to give to yet another "someone else") I did not want to make the cards too specific to any occasion. 

The hearts are colored in such a way that these cards can be used for at least the following occasions: Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Baby Shower, or Thank You.

These next cards were made with some Christian stickers. These will be good for: Thank-Yous to members of your church, Christening, Baptism, Easter, Thinking of you, Get Well Soon, Sympathy, and more. I love the extra touch of coordinating a sticker on the envelope to go with the card too.

Style 2: Embossing
This style takes a little while. I purchased embossing folders and a hand tool to do this. Little did I know the folders are supposed to be used with a die cut machine so the embossing is not done by hand. Well, I did it for the craft of doing it by hand. It was a little tricky but the end result made it worth it. To put the ribbon in the card I purchase a long-reaching punch that put two rectangular holes side by side in order to thread the ribbon through the card stock from the inside. I left this card as is with no stickers or stamping, just simple elegance (and total flexibility for its use).

Style 3: Embossing and Stamping
 This is my favorite card out of the 25 I made today. I took a heart patterned embossing folder and picked my favorite heart and embossed a single one. Then, I paired it with the pink paper and used my stamp mounting block to randomly add words with a love theme. Valentine's Day was my intention, but depending upon the recipient it could be for anniversary, wedding, or a thank-you for a gift from one of those occasions.

I made this red, white and blue card with the 4th of July in mind, but it would work for any patriotic holiday.
Style 4: Textured Card Stock Design

Style 5: Ribbons and/or Embellishments 

Out of all the cards pictured in this post, this is the only card I actually had to cut my own card stock to create. I cut the purple and blue pieces down slightly to get this design. Again, to put the ribbon on the card, I used a long reach paper punch.

I purchase this three pack of paper punches and it has made adding embellishments and ribbons much easier and neat. I always hated to try and cut slits into a card with scissors and now I don't have to. The single circle punch is great for adding brads or other embellishments that have the prongs you expand once through the hole.
Ribbon, Button & Hole Long Reach Punches

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