Sunday, January 27, 2013

My body has turned against me!

Yes this is a post about how much I hate being pregnant. For some women it is a beautiful thing...they are radiant glowing goddesses producing life and all that is good...but not me. I am sick and tired...and sick and tired of being pregnant, and I am not due until June!!

My body turned against me with:

Nausea- Morning sickness is not just reserved for the morning. I have it in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. The only times I feel almost normal are directly after eating and while I am asleep. Except sometime even those times aren't safe. I was in the middle of dinner one night and had to excuse myself to throw up everything I just ate...then I got seconds since I need sustenance. 
Hemorrhoids- I didn't even know what they really were I wish I didn't. 
Acne- I have always had an issue with my chin, but thanks to pregnancy that has spread to the rest of my face, my neck, shoulders, and chest. I feel like a teenager!  
Rapid hair regrowth- Not only is it more difficult to shave, but I have to shave twice as often. My legs get a five o'clock shadow...and even that weird hair right below my belly button grows back just as fast.  
Gas- the gas hurts, the bloating is a pain, the burping and other unmentionable things is embarrassing to say the least. I feel gross pretty much all the time.
Snoring- Pregnancy apparently kicks your mucus production into over-gear causing a chainsaw like symphony to be produced from my sleeping body every night. I snore so loudly I wake myself up!
Swelling of the hands and feet- Jewelry and shoes are now the enemy. My sausage like fingers don't enjoy being adorned by rings and have lost quite a bit of dexterity. Attempting to wear shoes other than my stretched out sneakers gives my feet claustrophobia. Also, I'm not sure if it is the swelling, the supporting of extra weight, or my new and off-center center of balance, but my feet hurt even without the shoes.
Hot Flashes- Oh they are not just for menopause people, my pregnancy has me sweating in January!

(me with my dad and siblings)

Plus there is all this fun stuff I can't do, like skiing!

My growing belly also had another odd side effect I never considered before...

Invasion of personal space- I hate, let me repeat HATE strange people or even acquaintances thinking that because my belly is growing they are allowed to touch it. In fact, with the exception of my two closest friends, my doctors, my mom, and my husband, I don't want anyone touching my belly. I have skin with nerve endings and I am the one feeling this groping not the baby. It is my body and I don't want everyone pawing at it.

There are of course SOME good things about being pregnant...

People know you are not just "fat" you are pregnant, so you don't have to feel nearly as self conscious about your protruding stomach.

It is a great conversation starter since I am not much of a people person. I am pretty quiet and hardly ever start conversations voluntarily. Luckily, being pregnant is a great way to fill in those conversation gaps. I always have something to fall back on to talk about!

It can also be a handy excuse! Pregnancy is a very versatile excuse. I use it if I don't want to be rude while refusing food. "Oh no I couldn't, I am feeling a little queasy today." Or if I don't feel like going out, "Sorry I am just feeling so tired today." Of course, it would make an even better excuse if those things weren't also kind of true.

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