Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Jar of Good

While I was browsing pinterest a long time ago, and then again recently while looking at my Facebook page, I was reminded of a great idea for starting off the new year (photo from Earth School).

Memory Jar, Put memories made throughout the year in the Jar. Then on New Years Eve empty and read them all from the wonderful year you've had :)Find a jar or container (preferably one you like that goes with your decor because it will be around all year long). From the beginning of the year, whenever something good happens or something you are thankful for, write it on a piece of paper or note card and add it to the jar.

The point of the jar is to open it up and look at everything that happened in the year near the next New Year. This is sort of like a time capsule, but you get to look at it with much less waiting time!

I know that I  frequently look back at what the year had in store for me and usually only remember one or two big events. With a jar like this, I will be able to capture the smaller things that are significant in the moment they occur.

Here is a quote by me (so feel free to quote me sometime): "Life is made up of good times and bad times. We remember the big events, we live in the small events, but all are required to make up our lives."

Alternative Ideas:

*Create a "good" and "bad" jar. At the end of the year, hopefully you will find how insignificant some of the things you put as "bad" really were in the grand scheme of your life

*Have a jar for each member of your family, or have color coded pieces of paper to add to the jar

*Make it a habit to write at least one thing per week, more as additional events occur

*For your very first entry into the jar you could add a New Year's resolution OR a list of things you hope to achieve in the next year

*Did someone get you a small gift for Christmas before you had a chance to get them something? Create a cute label for the outside of the jar and buy or make cute pieces of paper they can put next to the jar to write on. This is a great gift as a "late" present!

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