Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Redemption: Stained-Glass Look Glass Block with Liquid Lead

So, a few days ago I shared a huge fail on my first attempt at making a KraftyBlok stained-glass style. I took a few days off from the project because I was completely aggravated with it. I was certainly on a time-crunch to make the block because it was a gift.

I ended up browsing the many scrap booking, sticker, and rub-on isles at the hobby store and did not find any very large rub-on's that would help me with my originally created design. All of the borders and Celtic rope designs were either too expensive because multiple packages would be necessary for the right length, or they weren't what I was looking for.

I decided that I needed to give the Liquid Lead one more try since I already had purchased it and the enamel acrylic paint! I simplified the letter "M", and instead of dividing it in half with the last name in the middle I simply just did a block "M". I also then did a square border with the liquid lead about 1/2 an inch on the inside edge of the hollow of the glass.

The best method for this was using a plastic box lid as a guide to run the end of the liquid lead bottle against. This helped keep the line straight and steady. After each straight line I lifted it straight up to avoid the liquid falling outside of the line, and I wiped the edge so it wouldn't get liquid on the next line I was to do.

When you are doing these lines, think ahead as to what order you will do them in. I started with the top two lines of the "M", followed by the two diagonal lines on top, then the two diagonal lines on bottom, then the two inside edges of the vertical lines, followed but the two outside edges of the vertical lines, ended by the bottom two lines at the bottom of the letter. This order allowed me to never have my straight-edged plastic lid on top of a wet line. For more complex designs you might not be able to do the entire thing in one sitting, but might need to allow lines to dry so you can place your straight edge on top of it to complete other lines.

I used the enamel acrylic paint and mixed neon green and black until I got an emerald color I liked. Note: Applying a thinner layer will allow you to see the color when the block is lit at night. I applied the paint very thick so the color was obvious by day, but then it appeared black at night. You can always add more, but you can't take away once it is done!

I also decided to paint the back edge of the block the same emerald green I used on the front to eliminate too much extra light coming out of the back. After my paint was fully dry, I applied some Krylon clear coat to help protect the paint and liquid lead used on the block. After that dried, I used a three dimensional scrap booking embellishment of a shamrock. The outside edge of the block then got wrapped with gold ribbon and a nice large gold folding bow was placed on top.

To complete the block, I added some clear plastic gift shred along with the white mini lights before I put the block on the KraftyBlok stand. It worked best to intermingle the lights and the gift shred before putting it into the hole at the bottom of the block. I would imagine if I hadn't, it wouldn't have been easy to mix the two (so it was evenly distributed) through the small opening cut into the glass.

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