Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank-You's For Christmas Gifts

It has been a few weeks since Christmas, and with it being January, most people have lots of free time on their hands now that they aren't preparing for Christmas. As you are lounging around, watching movies and playing games the kids got for Christmas do you feel like you are forgetting something?!

Did the kids ever get around to writing thank-you cards for the presents they received? How about you? Adults are not exempt from this either! Unless there is a very clear rule in your family that a phone call or e-mail thank you is acceptable, it is still good manners to send a hand-written note!

In my family, we will verbally thank (or on a phone call shortly after opening a gift), then we still write a hand-written thank you. I have a few ideas for ways your family can thank others for the gifts they got!

Thank-You from the Kids:
This is pretty obvious, but have the children write the thank-you card and sign it to send.

Thank-You from the Kids with Adult help:
If your child is too young to write, have them dictate what they want to share. Then at the end have them sign their name or draw a small picture.

Thank-You from Everyone:
One person can write the card, but everyone should appear in a photo (or two) showing you and your family enjoying/playing with/using the gift they were given! This is a great way to keep connected, especially if separated by distance.

Digital Thank-You Show: Now I know this is contrary to my previous statement that a thank-you should be hand written, BUT I think this is an acceptable substitute because of the obvious time and thought that would go into it! This would be a power point or series of photos combined into a digital thank-you. Just make sure Grandma has a computer to view it on!

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