Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wreath Mania!

I started out my new obsession for wreaths back with my post for making your own Christmas wreath now for Christmas 2013. I had such a wonderful result that I thought it would make a wonderful mini-series for wreaths throughout the year. Due to creative picking at after-Christmas craft store mark downs, and materials I already have I just so happen to have the materials to make wreaths for nearly every holiday/season.

I was a super bargain picker right after items were deeply discounted after Christmas. I found things that were red (valentines and 4th of July), green (St. Patrick's day/Autumn), Gold (St. Patrick's Day/Autumn), silver (Valentine's Day/4th of July/Winter). Along the way I found bonus colors since Christmas decor manufacturers cater to all sorts of color preferences (I found hot pink, blues, and purples that all counted as Christmas merch.)

Needless to say, I went a little nuts purchasing these non-holiday oriented materials. I took my time to make sure if they were grouped properly they would not appear to be out of season. One of the most important things I did next was buy and put the items into clearly labeled storage totes so nothing would get lost and it would have a designated spot rather than cluttering my house. P.S. This photo is not of my isn't photo worthy yet!


In addition to the re-purposed new Christmas items I bought, I was able to find small straw and cloth scarecrows hidden in some fall clearance, and some small American Flags that I instantly decided I could incorporate into a 4th of July wreath!

Making a list of what I planned to use for what now will help me from making more than one plan for each object. Plus, I don't want to have two holidays or seasons in a row with similar materials or wreath base.

I have materials and ideas for wreaths that include:
(Holiday: type of wreath/objects so far; color scheme)
-Winter: a greenery wreath with white Santa and snowmen; silver and white
-Valentines: no wreath yet, blue glittered heart "ornaments", purple and blue bells; pink, purple, blue, white, silver
-St. Patrick's Day: a green foil wreath, green and gold bows/balls/etc; green and gold
-Easter: no wreath yet, plastic Easter eggs and 
-4th of July: a silver foil wreath, American flags, make red and blue fireworks of ribbon; red, white blue
-Fall: Styrofoam wreath form, use circles punched from lunch bags tutorial here and add pre-made scarecrows; brown, orange, yellow

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