Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Skies Parent Movie Review

*Warning-This review will disclose some spoilers to the movie, but will try as hard as possible as to not share more than necessary for parents to determine if the movie is appropriate for their children!

This weekend I saw Dark Skies. I did not find any parent movie reviews on my quick internet search before I went-I only found professional reviews and I didn't want to spoil the movie for myself and still chance not being given any useful parenting information.

Here are a list of the most important aspects of the movie for parents to consider:
-The official rating for the movie is PG-13
-The mother in the movie makes reference to another couple's "open marriage"
-Minor use of profanity throughout (not the f word)
-Father purchases a gun for protection
-Discussion of parental physical abuse on the children (children's services mentioned)
*A television in a home shows the beginning of a pornographic film. The theme is a teacher and an adult student, the teacher touches the [adult] student's breast both are fully clothed. The movie is on a second time later in the movie and you only hear the t.v. from the hall, but hear loud and intimate moaning.
*The teenage son mimics the film and touches a classmate's breast
-Quick kiss on the lips between teen boy and girl
-Teenage son defies his parents and hangs out unsupervised with a girl and broke in to an empty house
-The parents begin to get intimate in their bed briefly, no nudity, but actions implied

As far as the scary factor:
-Aliens entering the home
-Aliens abducting children
-People blacking out and losing chunks of time from their memory
-Image of the small child missing his eyes

These are my notes from the best of my memory, my review is with best intentions of an accurate report. Parents must determine for themselves what they feel is age appropriate for their child.

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