Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friendships that Last a Lifetime

There are some friendships that are circumstantial, there are some friendships that are forced by our parents at a young age, and there are friendships that we happen upon in life and they have the hold to last a lifetime.

I think it is safe to say that many friendships tend to wane and wax throughout our young adulthood as we go through this stage at our own pace. It is easy to be in completely separate worlds from being single, to engaged, to married, to having children, some divorce, some move for college or jobs, and some change because of a career. The three of us became friends early in high school, and have kept in contact throughout the last 12+ years (obviously, since we share a blog together!).

Something AMAZING happened today...the three of us were all in the same place at the same time today! We only had a few hours together since we all have "grown up" lives, but we so enjoyed ourselves.

We found it amazing to think back 12+ years since it doesn't seem like so long ago. We are the same people, just more has happened since we last saw each other. Also, we agreed that our conversations have drastically changed.

Some of our discussion topics included:
-Viva vs. Bounty paper towels
-How to cook breaded chicken in the oven without it getting soggy or sticking to the bottom
-How our mothers have changed as we have grown (we figure that most likely our moms haven't really changed, but that we finally see them from a new "grown up" perspective!)
-And as most women do, we discussed our husbands

The moral of this post is that sometimes we do not know who will be our "lifetime" friends, but likely it is someone you have shared a very close past with. Someday, we might all be sitting in rocking chairs on our front porch discussing the good old days. But more than likely, we will be like the older folks of Betty White's prank show out causing trouble!

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