Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

This is day two of great homemade baby products that new moms should use. I do not have a newborn of my own, but I have worked in a classroom with 20+ different infants and have known other moms with children, so I do bring some amount of real-life experience with these ideas.

The ingredients are simple: Aquaphor and liquid Maalox (NOT mint)

I would make up small batches at a time, because yes, I know Aquaphor isn't the cheapest product in the earth-so you won't want to mix all of it with Maalox if you don't have to!

I have a theory (perhaps others do, but I haven't researched what other people say about it). I think that the Maalox helps because it is an antacid, so when the child has a dirty diaper this diaper cream isn't just a barrier between the child's sore bum and the soiled/wet diaper, but it both protects (the aquaphor) and defends (the maalox).

The best type of container you will need is a tiny plastic Tupperware container.

Side note for parents that wish to use this in a child care setting: depending upon your state family services department you might need a written physician's note stating that this mixture is to be used on your child. Then, since you are making it and it doesn't have an official container, you would be required to clearly mark on the outside of the container the ingredients and you child's first and last name. Being on the teacher end of this, I know it is a pain but we would be in major trouble without these steps in the state of Ohio.

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