Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemade Natural Baby Wipes

Baby rashes came up the other day in conversation and it reminded me of two homemade products I have seen have great success with infants in my past: homemade baby wipes and homemade diaper rash cream (tomorrow's post).

There is always a reason for purchasing pre-made wipes (on the go, convenience, and the amount of time before they go bad) but for wet diapers or easy to clean dirty diapers, these homemade wipes might just do the trick and a bit less harshly!

The ingredients needed are:
Zip Lock bag (gallon), or a plastic container with sealed lid
1 roll of Paper towels
2 tbs. Baby oil
4 tbs. Baby Shampoo
4 1/2 cups Water
Optional: Pure oils (lavender, melaleuca, etc)
Optional: vitamin e from capsules popped open

I typically choose an organic unbleached fiber paper towel, Johnson's baby oil, Johnson's Lavender baby shampoo, and filtered or bottled water.

To make the wipes I separate the paper towels then cut the separated towels in half. Some people cut the towels on the roll with scissors because it is faster, and you can pull from the middle and it self dispenses.

Heat the water to "hot" before adding the oil and shampoo. Mix all ingredients together then pour into the ziplock bag with paper towels. It will take a little while, but the water mixture will be absorbed into all the wipes.

I recommend not making more than you will use in half a week to prevent them from getting moldy. Just remember to adjust the recipe for the amount of towels you are making (half the recipe if you cut your roll in two). Leaving the wipes in a hot car or any other warm area will make them spoil faster (or just dry out).

These wipes have no alcohol or chlorine in them so you can keep that off your baby! Just remember: the reason alcohol is put in baby wipes is so the moisture will evaporate and keep them dry after their change. So be sure to let their skin dry off to avoid moisture that could cause yeast growth or other irritations. The other chemicals such as chlorine are added so the wipes do not mold, so think short term with making your own!

This idea can be a money saver, but if you have to throw out molded wipes it will cost you more than store bought wipes! You might need to experiment with what brand paper towels are strong enough, soft enough, etc. for you and your family's needs.

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