Friday, February 1, 2013

Homemade Valentine's Day Foods

I love doing heart themed everything for Valentine's day as a reminder that I love everyone! Here are some easy ideas that you won't need a recipe for, just look at the photo for a clever idea with foods you might not have considered shaping into a heart. It is more than just your heart shaped cookie or candy!

I will share a multitude of different holiday inspired treats to make, share, or give!

For Breakfast: Heart Egg in Toast or Heart Pancakes

For Lunch: Heart PB&J, Heart Cheese, Heart Hard Boiled Eggs

heart eggs

For Dinner: Heart Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza My Heart #food #tutorial

For Snack or Dessert: Heart Jello with Cherry, Heart Melon Sticks

Valentines fruit - Use a cookie cutter to change the shape of the food, your Picky Eater might just take that first bite of a new food if it looks like their favorite shape, or favorite character.  Remember, it takes a person 10 times trying a food before you add it to your food repertoire. Repinned by Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. For more ideas visit

The easiest way for the jello is to make the jello in a jelly pan and put the cherries in spaced enough to make sure you have enough room to cut full hearts. After the jello has set, then come through with a heart cutter and make the individual pieces. Don't scrap the leftover jello, use it mixed with fruit for breakfast or a snack tomorrow!


  1. So cute! What great ideas.

    1. Thanks Laura! I can't take credit that these are completely my unique ideas, but it certainly helps to have a variety of ideas found in one place rather than searching for them individually! I really want to try the hard boiled egg, but I haven't brought myself to try because I don't want the yolk off center when I cut it in half.


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