Friday, February 22, 2013

Keep Yourself Social

During February it is easy for people to only do the basic essentials and not leave their homes for much other than work and getting groceries. The problem only worsens for those who do not work and are somewhat secluded from others on a daily basis. I have recently been home for three weeks straight and the first two weeks were wonderful and full of years of needed rest from a very busy life. It didn't take much time at all before the monotony of being home with no other people has started to get to me. I am finding that I could easily become a hidden member of society if I do not specifically set out to keep myself active!

So, the following are so ideas and tips on keeping yourself sane and active with others during the winter and any time of the year

#1: Visits to Old Friends
The first place to start for me is my cell phone. I go through my contact book from start to finish and look at all the people that I haven't spoken to or spent time with in a while. I make a list and set out to communicate with them by facebook, text message, or phone call.

 After talking with them, it is often much easier than you would think to set up a time to get together-especially if you are home not doing much else. Don't be afraid to be a little pushy because it shows you are serious about wanting to spend time together. Once you spend time with someone and have a good time, somehow it becomes easier to schedule time together or plan outings with one another.

#2: Make a list of Things you have Wanted to Do
This sounds a little silly, but really think. Is there a project or activity at one point in the past when you were too busy that you wished you had time to do? For me, when I was working 50+ hours a week I had always wanted to have my house decorated for each of the holidays and seasons. I never brought myself to take the hour to take down the last decor and replace it with the next set. Now that I have organized my decorations by holiday, the time it takes to put out decorations is very little and I enjoy it for up to a month before changing it.

#3: Service or Community Projects 
This is such a great category of possibilities. Not only can you spend time with other people, you will be able to help and give back to your community. The other perk-you can find activities that take an hour, a day, a week, or an on-going project. There are so many possibilities. Some organizations collect the Campbell's labels for education-and behind the scenes a tedious job of cutting the points to the dotted line gets done (and points counted). Or, help work at a food bank stocking shelves with donations or one of many other projects that are done in your local community.

#4: Help a Neighbor or Family Member
For those who are fortunate enough to live near their family, you can offer to help out a busy mom or elderly family member. Depending upon their need you can help them with food preparation, laundry, yard work, watching their children, or any number of tasks that would be a great help to them.

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