Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids' Dino Party

I have a great love for party planning. My pregnancy has stirred up that love and my mind can't stop coming up with possible party themes! This one is a dinosaur party!

Age group range: 3-10
Gender: Either

Invitations: There are many dinosaur themed invitations, but these were my favorites! (Click pictures to link to original sites.)



Food: I try to keep it somewhat healthy if possible. I know processed chicken nuggets aren't exactly considered healthy, but I at least want to make sure it isn't just chips and desserts.


Dino Photo Booth - buy or have the kids decorate their own dinosaur masks and take pictures of them in front of foliage being dinosaurs. 

Make a sand pit in a kiddie pool with dinosaur bones, toy dinosaurs, fossils, and other prehistoric type goodies for the kids to dig for.

Set off a volcano! The kit could be given to the birthday child as a gift beforehand and then demonstrated at the party.

This can be a fun take home activity for the kids. This could be done while watching Dinosaur Train, Dinosaurs, Land Before Time, or Jurassic Park (depending on the party goers ages).

If you take pictures of the kids at the party and have the means to print them off then you should save the scrapbook project for last and let the kids add themselves to the scrapbook!

 Favors: Some of the activities are take home friendly, but here are some more favor ideas.

DIY dinosaur eggs. Mold salt dough around plastic dinosaurs, let harden and then the kids can break them open later for lots of dino fun!

You need: 1 1/4 cup dirt, 1 1/4 cup flour, 3/4 cup salt, 1/2 cup sand, and water.

Thank You Cards:

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