Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Night Alternatives

With Valentine's Day falling on a Thursday, you can be that this love holiday will be celebrated from Thursday-Sunday. So, in order to not fall into the larger crowds, higher prices, and sometimes limited dinner menu, you should try a different approach. Now guys, if it is you reading this, you should consider your specific circumstance. If it is your first Valentine's day with her it is probably best to go traditional. My husband and I will be on our 9th Valentine's day together, so we can take a change of pace!

Home-cooked Meal
There is certainly something romantic and special about having a home-cooked meal, candles, light music, and the comfort of being home. I love lounging around in my sweatpants, cotton t-shirt, and a blanket on the couch. We will likely have a bottle of wine chilled, a dessert we both agree upon, and a movie to watch.
Game Night
If dinner and a movie isn't your thing, try doing dinner with games. You can find games for the two of you, or invite another couple to join you.We like sitting in our comfortable seats at night, so for us a great option are DVD based games that can be controlled by the dvd or play station remote. We also enjoy games on our Nook and iPad, so we sometimes go to bed a little early so we can spend 30 minutes passing our devices back and forth.

Pamper Yourself (and your partner)
One of my favorite things to do while I'm home alone for an extended period of time is pamper myself with the things I don't have time for. Instead of making this a solo activity, if you are able to convince your partner to join you in a home-made facial, exfoliation, conditioning treatment, or hand massage you will be able to kill two birds with one stone-pampering AND time together.

My favorite recipe for an exfoliate is mixing sugar, olive oil, and an essential oil together (I love wild orange, lavender, or grapefruit). The trick is that you need to be careful not to make the floor or shower slippery, and also blotting with paper towels instead of wiping dry with a cotton towel.

For a conditioning treatment, my go-to ingredient is coconut oil. It seems very oily at first, but it is one of the easiest oils to wash off when you are done. Warm water helps it melt off!

Think of Others
In my family, we seem to have fewer and fewer reasons to call our family to say hello. Chances are, even if one of the couples in your family is out to dinner or doing something to celebrate the holiday, they will still appreciate you thinking of them for Valentine's day. The same can be said about anyone you know that doesn't have a special someone in their life. We can wish everyone we love a happy Valentine's Day, not just our partner! So if the last time you called grandma was as long ago as this photo, now is a great time to call to say hello and an "I love you"!

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