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Toilet Paper Folding and Clogged Toilets

My house is not all that old (25 years or so), but we seem to have a phenomenon with my step-children clogging our toilets.  They live with their mom most of the time, and tell us it happens to them there too.

Clogged toilets are certainly not something I typically give too much consideration or discussion to, but I finally got curious and had conversations with other moms I know.

My investigation started with what habits my husband and I both have. WE then moved on to what might be different about the kids. We all eat the same food, so we decided early on that wasn't the problem.

The obvious difference most parents come up with is that kids use too much toilet paper. So, we implemented a "number of squares" rule for the kids. If they need more paper than that, they were allowed to flush first then again if needed.

We still had clogging problems, but I am going to guess they were not following the number of squares then flush rule. So, a little more thought went into the problem and I THINK I finally figured out why the kids clog the toilet and no one else does. It all comes down to folding!

Think about it-and you might have to. This is something that is so second nature to us that we don't really pay attention, but there are two basic ways to get your toilet paper ready for the wipe: a fold or a wad.

Without getting into specifics that are not necessary, folding the paper will give you a more dense section of toilet tissue. If you have to wipe with several new folded sets of paper, you are going to have all that toilet paper folded densely trying to get down your toilet.

If you wad your toilet paper, it will be three dimensional for the wipe, but then sort of "unspring" back apart once it is in water. The toilet paper in the "wad" style will not be as dense at any one point going down the hole.

I stumbled upon a very funny chart of different toilet paper wiping methods made my blogadilla:

So, if you are having issues with your kids clogging the toilets (assuming they aren't flushing items they shouldn't be) perhaps a good inquiry would be on how they hold their toilet paper!

If you have other theories or insight PLEASE share below. It is one of the wonders of the world to a parent (or step parent) who can not figure out why 10, 12, and 14 year old children still clog the toilet!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun April Fools Pranks

April Fool's Day is such a jovial holiday that some people dread, while others wait an entire year to pull one over on someone without getting into as much trouble. This is certainly a post where all of us Stepford Sisters are going to want to share our favorites. This is the only day I think we are all three happy we do not live close enough to pull one of these pranks on the other!

Here are some favorite April fool's pranks that are safe, and most likely acceptable for anyone without causing harm or too much trouble even at work or school.

Prank Word Scramble from April Fool Zone:

This word scramble has letters that will drive your prank victim nuts. The letters for every single line can not be arranged into a word. This is especially great for a friend or co-worker that routinely does puzzle games! When they look at the bottom key for the answers they will then find out they were pranked.

Missing Shoe from April Fool Zone:

Steal Their Shoes Prank

This works especially well for a significant other or child that you live with. The night before, when they aren't paying attention, grab one of every shoe they own. The next day when they go to get dressed for the day, they won't be able to find a complete pair of shoes.

Terrible Typo

At work, make a very close duplicate of a business card of your prank victim and make a typo in their name or job title. They will think they have been handing out business cards with the wrong information to everyone when you point it out to them!

Anti-Lather Soap

This is a favorite that you can't do often-but either in the shower or by a sink that is sure to be used, take a bar of soap and coat entirely with clear fingernail polish. Allow it to dry. When someone tries to use it they will not be able to make it lather up!

Super Soaker

April Fools!

If taking a shower without lathering soap weren't enough, here is another chance to get nice and clean...You put a rubber band around your spray nozzle in the kitchen sink. When the next person goes to turn on the water they are going to get sprayed!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Setting the table for Easter

Setting your table for Easter can either be stressful (all that cooking AND arranging the table?!) or a great way to get the kids involved and keep them out of the kitchen while you cook. When I am preparing a large meal the kitchen has a way of turning into a danger zone and not quite a kid friendly as most nights. It also helps if your husband can either help the kids or give you a break in the kitchen while you do. Most of these things can be done the day before so all the kids heave to do is set them up on the table, but they are simple enough they can be done the day of as well.

Menu: I don't usually bother with a menu, but I do love the special something it adds. My aunt and uncle have a chalk board in their dining room they write their menu on, but if you don't have one of those this is a cute idea to put on each plate.

Flower Menu by Canadian Country Woman

Though the instructions are in German, the PDF download for these bunny folded napkins includes easy to follow pictures. I have absolutely no skill in origami or napkin folding and I was able to figure them out so I feel safe saying anyone can do it.

Bunny Napkins from

These napkins are a little more complicated, but very cute.

Funny Bunny Napkins from Good Housekeeping

Or if you don't feel like folding napkins at all you can have the kids decorate these cute napkin rings!

Easter Egg Napkin Rings from Parenting Magaizine

And if you are doing something more casual with less dish washing at the end of it this is a great and super simple idea!

Carrot Silverware from Our Best Bites

These table favors came remind me of a craft suggestion I had in Easy Easter Crafts. You just cover toilet paper tubes with construction paper and then decorate to look like your favorite Easter friend. Fill with candy and enjoy!

Table Favors from Teacher's Mouse Pad

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Drinks

Being pregnant, I can't drink. I never really drank very much before, but knowing that I can't now makes me want to more than ever. What I wouldn't give (obviously what I wouldn't give is fetal alcohol syndrome for my baby) for a Mimosa with my Easter brunch!

Here are my suggestions, some alcoholic, some not, for Easter Drinks.


Hypnotic Easter:
Hypnotic alcohol garnished with a peep and some jelly beans.

Peep Martini: 
Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, Kiwi Strawberry juice...sugarcoat the rim for extra deliciousness and flare and drop in a peep.

Non Alcoholic:

Coffee or Hot Chocolate with peep marshmallow:
 Pretty self explanatory.

Peep Fruit drink:
Just use fruit juice/punch or a Shirley Temple and push the straw through a peep and maraschino cherries for garnish.

And I love love love this idea! You bite (or chop) off the ears of a hollow chocolate bunny and then drink your milk out of it! How cute!?!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Edibles (Part three): Desserts

Dessert is the best part of any meal, my mother even likes it so much that she eats it first! Here are some cute Easter themed desserts to dress up your meal.

Powdered Donut Sheep Cupcakes from Cookies and Cups which I think would be cute even without the cupcake part

Chocolate Covered "Carrot" Strawberries from

Marshmallow Peeps in Krispie Nests from the Family Kitchen

Easter Basket Cupcakes from Bakerella 

Nutter Butter Chicks from

Haystack Nests from ZipList

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Edibles (Part two): Dinner

I have always had ham for Easter dinner. It is a tradition that I have no desire to mess with. So for part two of my Easter Edible series I will only be including Easter themed side dishes.

Since dinner ALWAYS takes me longer to prepare than I plan for I like to have premade appetizers ready for my guests to snack on. I love these Cheese Ball Chicks from Hungry Happenings!

And how cute are these flower chip and dip cups from iZeko?

I like to start off dinner parties with a salad. Individual salads are preferable because parties bring out the Emily Post in me. These bunny ear salads from Tip Junkie would be perfect!

And of course you have to have dinner rolls so here is a cute idea from Twiggle Magazine to dress up your breads!

 You can also make Easter dove rolls like these I found on Pinterest.

For sides I simply love these Easter egg potatoes from Better Homes and Gardens!

And these sweet carrots from Ladies' Home Journal are the perfect rustic side dish to accompany a big juicy ham!

Hope you have a great Easter Dinner!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Edibles (Part One): Brunch

Most families celebrate Easter with either a brunch or a dinner so I decided to do a two part series of fun Easter themed foods to serve for either of these might actually become a three part series, because we would NOT want to leave out desserts now, would we?

These carrot crescents from Hungry Happenings could be filled with scrambled eggs, egg salad, or even ham salad.

I just love these bunny pancakes I found on Pinterest!

Bunny Butt Pancakes are a great idea too! We have the Chick n' Coop to thank for these.

These Scrambled Egg Nests from Family fun make a great kid-friendly finger food!

In these easy and charming bites, shredded potatoes are baked in a muffin tin to form crunchy cups, which are then filled with scrambled eggs to make a festive and tasty breakfast treats.

Cinnabunnies made with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are cute and simple. Head over to Betty Crocker for the tutorial.

These Easter Peep Parfaits from Home is Where the Boat is  look amazing!

Bon App├ętit!

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