Monday, March 4, 2013

Coordinating St. Patrick's Day Wreath and Vase

I decided to do a similar homemade decorated vase and wreath for my house as I did last month for Valentine's Day. Again, I used items almost exclusively purchase right after Christmas for 80% off! I purchase many items that were gold and green and threw together a few shamrock items I already had.

To make my centerpiece I simply just filled the vase with gold, green, then more gold mini bulb ornaments. On the top I put a shamrock pick and two green ribbon bows. Around the center of the vase I tied a green piece of ribbon in a bow.

The wreath was made from a green tinsel wreath form, some 2 inch gold ribbon, a few large gold bulbs, and some green, gold and silver left over beaded Christmas garland.

I used some very thin green ribbon to tie the ornaments to the wreath frame.

In this photo, I am looking at the door/wall side of the wreath (the back side), to be able to demonstrate how I laced the beaded garland through the wreath frame.

The finished wreath also included some gold ribbon loosely wrapped around the wreath and tied into a bow at the top.

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