Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day has always been one of those holidays where I never know how to celebrate with the kids.  Grown ups drink green beer and kiss each other, kids pinch each other for not wearing green.  I was not alight with those being the only options.

I was perusing Goggle, my favorite search engine and I came across a great blog, Momtastic and she had an excellent suggestion for a St. Patrick's Day treasure hunt. My son is is almost 7, so this is a perfect idea for him.  My daughter is only 13 weeks, so I couldn't really do anything for her.

All you do is print out the clues and the pot of gold.

 This is Clue #1--there is a girl and a boy clue.

     This is Clue #2

Clue #3    

 Clue #4

Here are my scroll clues and the completed Pot Of Gold.  I hid the clues in plain sight as the rhymes suggested.  #2 in a shoe and #3 in a glove.

The first clue is left by the bed so your child can find it upon waking up.  We had SO much fun doing the treasure hunt, I can definitely see a repeat of this in years to come.

The other festive thing I did was a 'Pin' I found on Pintrest.  It is a single serving of a cake parfait, with the cake batter dyed green. Very simple and yet extremely effective! (I do not have photos of the process, but I will describe it.)

I bought a snack size bag of white cupcake mix and, believe it or not, spray frosting. (Goodbye spray cheese, hello spray frosting!)
Prepare batter as directed.
I used my countertop goddess; the Xpress Redi Go cooker to bake the cake in two batches.
I added about 25 drops of the neon green food coloring to the batter to get this color.

After baking, all I did was use the clear glass to cut two circles from the cakes, layer them in the glass and spray on the frosting! I topped it with a shamrock frosted cookie and had enough cake leftover to make those two shamrock snack cakes.

Needless to say, that was the hit of the morning because, who doesn't DREAM of having cake for breakfast!?

Hopefully, I will be able to utilize many more creative Mom's ideas for future holiday celebrations!

P.S. I should note, I decided to do this project at midnight and had it completed by 1am.  It really was that easy...I baked the cakes, created the treasure hunt and made Jello Jigglers, so for all you other last minute mom' CAN be done!

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