Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healthy Spring Snacks

I love cute themed snacks and think it is a great way to get kids interested in eating healthier. You eat with your eyes first, so presentation is important! Here are a few ideas I found on pinterest. 

Flower Bouquet with assorted fruits, veggies, and meat

Grapes and goldfish butterflies

Cheese, grapes, and celery sunflower

Banana, raisin, apple, and pretzel butterfly

Ladybug Brochette with cherry tomatoes, olives, and baby spinach

Easter Bunny made from cottage cheese, egg, raisins, banana, almond, and cheese

Flower Pot Carrots, Parsley, and Dip (would work well with broccoli too)


  1. Oh, I love all the pretty food ideas. Kids really love eating pretty fun food like this. so glad I found you blog page!!

    1. Thanks! I have a stepson who is a picky eater so I am hoping to try out a few of these ideas on him next time he stays with us!


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