Monday, March 18, 2013

Second Trimester Rocks!

You may remember me writing a post on how my body was turning against me in my first trimester, well I am glad to say that it does get better. That is right, no more nausea, no more tiredness, and no more tender breasts! It isn't just "bad stuff" going away either, there have also been quite a few positive additions.

  • People being helpful
 Now that my belly is fully round people have been noticing and offering to do things for me. Strangers offer me their seats, family and friends will not let me carry anything no matter how light it is, and the bagger at the grocery store even offered to take all the items out of my cart to be scanned for me. I try not to accept too many of these generous offers though because I keep thinking that once the baby is born it is going to be even harder and I should do as much as possible on my own to keep up my strength and resolve.

  • Feeling the baby move
This is my absolute favorite change. It took me awhile to tell the difference between movement and bubbles in my digestive tract, but it is pretty unmistakable now, and very exciting! I get a lot of movement at night especially and have heard that is pretty standard. Apparently, your activity, the sway of your hips as you walk, for instance, during the day, lulls the baby to sleep. So when you’re ready to call it a night, baby is just waking up.

  • Strong nails 
This is awesome for me. My nails break so easily that they never have time to grow long. I have tried many different things to try and strengthen them, but it seems pregnancy works best. I love admiring and painting them and even just tapping them on the table. I can really feel the difference as well as see it.

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