Thursday, March 28, 2013

Setting the table for Easter

Setting your table for Easter can either be stressful (all that cooking AND arranging the table?!) or a great way to get the kids involved and keep them out of the kitchen while you cook. When I am preparing a large meal the kitchen has a way of turning into a danger zone and not quite a kid friendly as most nights. It also helps if your husband can either help the kids or give you a break in the kitchen while you do. Most of these things can be done the day before so all the kids heave to do is set them up on the table, but they are simple enough they can be done the day of as well.

Menu: I don't usually bother with a menu, but I do love the special something it adds. My aunt and uncle have a chalk board in their dining room they write their menu on, but if you don't have one of those this is a cute idea to put on each plate.

Flower Menu by Canadian Country Woman

Though the instructions are in German, the PDF download for these bunny folded napkins includes easy to follow pictures. I have absolutely no skill in origami or napkin folding and I was able to figure them out so I feel safe saying anyone can do it.

Bunny Napkins from

These napkins are a little more complicated, but very cute.

Funny Bunny Napkins from Good Housekeeping

Or if you don't feel like folding napkins at all you can have the kids decorate these cute napkin rings!

Easter Egg Napkin Rings from Parenting Magaizine

And if you are doing something more casual with less dish washing at the end of it this is a great and super simple idea!

Carrot Silverware from Our Best Bites

These table favors came remind me of a craft suggestion I had in Easy Easter Crafts. You just cover toilet paper tubes with construction paper and then decorate to look like your favorite Easter friend. Fill with candy and enjoy!

Table Favors from Teacher's Mouse Pad

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