Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stepford Tips to an Inviting Home

During our several day reunion amongst all three of us Stepford sisters, we discussed such an array of topics that have easily lent themselves to new daily posts. One of them started out as a silly conversation, then it became a real matter of thought for Stephanie!

 Sara shared that her mother has always told her that a never-before lit candle is uninviting to guests, but a candle that the wick had been lit was more inviting.

Here is what to do: Light the wick of your candle just long enough for it to no longer be white. You can blow the flame out before it begins to melt wax!

Now, wherever you place your decoration, you will give off a cozy inviting warmth to your home!

In addition to how we display candles in our homes, we also talked about baking a fresh batch of cookies before company arrives. Not only will the guests enjoy the cookies, but the smell will envelope your whole house!

Another idea for having an inviting home: Don't have it too spotless! This might sound silly, but a home that is too spotless will make others nervous that they will not pick up after themselves properly and they won't be laid back and have fun. They will worry about leaving behind crumbs, spilling drinks, getting shoe prints on floors or other catastrophes. A few dishes in the kitchen, a pile of shoes, or a stack of blankets will help you show others that you keep your home picked up, but not that you are trying to maintain a museum.

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