Friday, March 8, 2013

Suprise your kids for St. Patrick's Day

When I was in Elementary school, all the kids would talk about what their parents did to make St. Patrick's Day fun for them, and I remember thinking that when I had kids I would do my best never to slack off on a holiday. I love everything crafty and was not going to let any opportunity go to waste.

My Stepford sisters agree and so we wanted to share some fun things to do with our readers. The leprechauns in Sara Stepford's house are mischievous little critters who dye the milk, miracle whip, and even toilet bowl water green! They can be nice too though and sneak gold coins into her son's pockets for him to enjoy later. Stephanie's house becomes "green themed" as well with green milk, green pasta, and as a special treat: pure lucky charm marshmallow goodness for breakfast with none of that cereal stuff in the cereal.

My favorite idea is to surprise your child with a special holiday treat first thing in the morning. To make the surprise even more fun you can lead them to the treat with tiny stamped "leprechaun" feet or glitter. If you want something less messy you can use some construction paper and cut out the feet (or if you are like Stephanie and have a baby foot hole punch, that is even better!) When they get to the end of the trail they can find their pot of gold! This pot of gold is a lime filled with jello courtesy of Hoosier Homemade.

Another neat idea is to surprise them with an activity after school! This Lucky Bingo game from Kaboose looks like a lot of fun!

These Twizzlers rainbows and Rollos by Our Best Bites would be a great little surprise in your kid's lunch!

Another cute idea that falls into the "treat ideas" category are these adorable leprechaun hats filled with chocolate gold coins by Canadian Living. They are made from Tupperware containers!

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your home?

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