Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cookie Contest Winner: Lemon Raspberry Bar Cookie

I am entering a cookie/bar cookie/brownie contest at work (it will have concluded upon the posting of this entry). There are three categories being judged: uniqueness, best looking, and taste. My following recipe won second place for best looking and third place for best tasting!!

I am a very thorough person, so if figure I need to try and bring my A-game to all three categories, rather than trying to succeed at just one. With my recent surge of posts involving lemons both on the blog and our facebook page, I thought that would be the centerpiece and starting point of my bar cookie.

Not too long ago I made a fresh raspberry puree with raspberries and powdered sugar, so I think that is a very complementary flavor that people will like.

I have this amazing idea for this dessert but have no recipe to start I am looking up multiple recipes and will merge them all into one super duper lemon raspberry dessert.

The starting point will be a lemon bar that utilizes simple, pure, and fresh ingredients. Unfortunately I couldn't choose between two that I found that were wonderful. I ended up using the crust from Betty Crocker's recipe and the lemon filling from the William's and Sonoma Weeknight cookbook.

After making the crust with three simple ingredients (flour, powdered sugar, and butter from recipe below) I cooked that for 20 minutes per the instructions in the oven while I started working on making the lemon filling.

The lemon filling was a little more involved and had more ingredients. The most time consuming part was zesting the lemon and squeezing it to get fresh lemon juice. Importantly, I used a strainer to make sure there was no pulp or seeds going into the final fresh juice. One minor change I made was mixing the filling with a fork for what seemed like forever (probably 6-8 minutes) instead of using an electric mixer. I did this with the hopes that the old fashioned and traditional style would make a difference.

Just as I was finishing up the filling portion the crust was done baking in the oven. Take care to only use ingredients listed in the "step 2" portion of this recipe...not all ingredients from the list on the left will be used for the filling portion!

I poured the filling onto the crust and returned the pan to the oven.

Since I was doing two sauces to drizzle over the top I started making those during this final baking period. I made both a lemon sauce and a raspberry sauce, both using fresh lemon/raspberry. I will share the recipe for these sauces in a few days. They are great for many other desserts!

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