Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hilarious Internet Reviews

It wouldn't be accurate to call it all a product review because my top favorite is a review on a recipe! I was browsing the internet the other day and I saw a picture that sparked my memory of hilarious product reviews I had come across over time. I am going to share some of the most hilarious with you!

When you are looking them up, remember the part I am referring to are the comments left by normal every day citizens, not the website itself :-) You might wanna go to the bathroom first and grab a snack because you could get sucked into the hillarium of you computer screen for a while and lose time! Reviews on Ice

Ice Cubes
My favorite:
 "I can't believe all the reviews people are writing. I mean, how in the world did you people taste them? I've made two batches, but you can't pick them up with a fork or a spoon. I tried cutting them into smaller pieces, but that didn't work. Chopsticks was a complete disaster. I put them on a serving tray and we were going to try eating them as finger foods, but BRRRRRR... and they kept slipping out." Reviews on Banana Slicer

My favorite:
 "I was disappointed that this banana slicer only comes in one model. It works like a charm for bananas that bend to the right, but it utterly useless for left-bending bananas. I end up having to eat my left curved bananas un-sliced like some kind of animal." Reviews on Binders
*Note: The funny reviews were generated after a misspoken comment during a presidential debate and later turned into what we like to call "mean funny". Over time, many of the floods of funny reviews have been deleted and taken down, but the few that can still be found are pretty funny.

My Favorite:
" I've been looking for the right woman. Particularly someone who is domestic. After hearing Governor Romney say that he has binders full of women, I purchased this binder in the hopes that might contain someone who could help with sewing, particularly mending my thermal underwear. I was quite disappointed to not find that in this binder, but there's many fish in the sea so perhaps I'll have better luck next time." Bic for Her Pens 

My Favorite:
" Sister girlfriends, I was so excited about these pens until I tried opening the package. I darn near had a breakdown struggling with that thick cardboard and plastic! I would have used scissors, but I lost my only female pair (you know, the ones that cut cute zigzags), and I couldn't figure out how to work my husband's.

What's the point in making pens for women if it takes a brawny set of man hands to open the package?

I learned the hard way that the following are ineffective ways of opening the package:

-- stomping on it with my stiletto
-- melting the plastic with a curling iron
-- loosening it with baking grease
-- shaking it while crying uncontrollably

Learn from my mistakes, ladies!"

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