Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maximizing Your Fresh Lemon-Quick Tip

Lemons are a kitchen staple, and should be because of their wide array of taste and health benefits!

My kitchen most often uses fresh lemons for the juice to add to fresh ice water with a meal. I typically cut it into fourths, squeeze them, then throw the entire piece in the water.

After almost 7 years of marriage my husband JUST gave me a helpful tip that I cannot believe I had never heard before (it is also amazing he kept it to himself this whole time too!). Before you go to cut your lemon, roll it between your hand and counter.

I could not believe what a difference it made, the juice came out with such little effort and a larger amount of juice was available too!

A word of advice-don't roll your lemons before you are ready for them because they will spoil faster!


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