Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quick Fact: How to remove candle wax from a glass container

Removing melted wax from glass is very easy. For a long time I had no idea how easy. You simply place the glass container with the wax in it into a dish of hot water (It does not have to be boiling hot, hot from the faucet is just fine) for a couple minutes and then the wax will just pop right out!

Additional tips from Sara and Stephanie Stepford:

Another easy and effortless way to get wax off your glass votive holders is to place the glass in the freezer. Leave it in there for approximately an hour. When you pull the votive holders out, the wax will pop right out. This method works better than the hot water when dealing with especially hard wax.

If you remember ahead of time that your wax may runneth over then you can spray your votive holders with Pam before inserting the candle and any melted wax will pop right out.

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