Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick Tips on Asparagus

One thing to look for when purchasing asparagus is that the darker green it is, the more nutrients and health benefits you will get from your food. Many times, the skinnier the pieces, the greener they will be. When you get thicker asparagus pieces it is because it has grown longer-and that means the same nutrients are spread out in a greater volume of food.

In the following pictures featuring our own very pregnantly round, Jairica Stepford, we can see how to properly cut the ends off.

Rather than taking a knife and uniformly cutting the ends, she holds both sides and bends the stalk until it snaps in half naturally. This natural break point is typically the weak spot between the healthy moist portion and the dried out end that you would want to discard. After asparagus has been harvested it begins to loose moisture out of the end, and it is important to realize that no piece is the same. That is why it is wasteful to use a knife and cut all of them equally.

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