Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quick Tips on Strawberries

Similarly to our post yesterday on asparagus, when purchasing strawberries you should look for a dark color for the highest potency of vitamins and nutrients. Take care to note the difference between darker color that indicates it is past ripe and just a naturally darker color to the berry.

When you see lighter colored berries you can be sure that 1. the flavor will not be as good but also that 2. it will not have the same nutritional benefits.

A bonus quick tip: Have you ever been aggravated cutting the tops off your berries and feeling like you were wasting money on the berry that got cut off with it? OR have you taken far too much time cutting small circles around the tops to get them apart? If you take a straw and put your thumb over one end, you can jab it through the strawberry from the pointy end and it will pop the green top right off.

How cute would it be to make a fruit smoothie or daiquiri and have a strawberry on the straw as decoration?!

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