Monday, May 20, 2013

HCG Diet Update-Week 4 Update

I have great news and not so great news. As of my 25th day since I started eating reduced calories I have lost just over 20 pounds.

The not so great news was that about 18 days in I decided to cheat just for one meal and I gained four and a half pounds by weigh-in the next day. My cheat wasn't that truly bad That meant that I lost days 19-24 in losing weight because those days I was losing the 4 1/2 pounds I had already lost then gained back.

I did learn an important lesson in my cheating though. That day and even the next two days after I felt that my cheat meal was totally worth it. In the end, it really was worth it because if I had forced myself to continue on I probably would have cracked and given up on the diet completely. But, I very specifically cheated and knew no matter what the "instant" weight gain, I would go right back on the diet to the t with the very next meal. About three days after my cheat I wouldn't say I felt guilty, but I realized how that one meal made me lose several days that I could have continued losing weight. I won't be cheating again any time soon, and I think I can stop myself for sure!

The diet so far does seem like a really great thing to my life. I can think of at least 5 things that this diet has done to improve my life.

1. I am now eating much more frequently through the day, and eating less at any given meal. This has kept my metabolism up and helped shrink my stomach down to a normal size.
2. This has helped me keep my blood sugar levels low and steady rather than spikes that used to come after eating.
3. I don't eat processed foods, but rather all fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. I also do not eat any artificial sweeteners.
4. I have learned how to cook and use seasonings in my food. I always could cook my food, but I have learned better what temperatures to cook things to keep them moist, not burnt.
5. I have saved some money because of eating less and not eating out.

Beeing on this diet, I have had a few mixed responses from other people and some not as positive and I would have hoped. All I can say is that I feel better than I have in a long time, I know I am giving my body the true natural fuel it deserves, and I am losing weight at a rate that continually encourages me to not give up and keep up with the lifestyle I need to maintain forever. I know this can not be a temporary change because the weight will just all come back.

Don't forget, never give up! Live each day without worrying what happened in the past, just make good decisions for your future.

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing good on your diet. I am amazed that you would gain that much back with just one cheat, but our bodies react strangely to the foods that we don't really need to eat the most, it seems. overall, I agree that you have to be able to indulge once in awhile. I am one that had lost over 30 lbs on a different diet than this, but had to include cheats myself and still managed to be very successful. The bad thing is that I stuck to this lifestyle change for several years and have now fallen off the wagon and have also gained the 30 pounds back. My love for cooking and baking sweets doesn't really help. But your post is very encouraging, as I have been knowing that I need to get my health back in order and a healthy diet is definitely in order. So Congratulations at your success!!

  2. Just a few days after this posted (about a week after I originally wrote it), I have decided to cut the original 6 weeks back to 4 1/2 and move on to the next phase of the diet that isn't as restrictive. I will do that for a couple of months then perhaps start the cycle over. Knowing it isn't a diet I have to live with forever helps so much! I just really need to keep a close eye on the scale so I, too, don't gain back what I have lost (for yet another time!).
    -Stephanie Stepford

  3. We all need protein as part of a balanced diet but this is especially true for women..

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