Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Third trimester is much less fun than second trimester!

My hugeness has become an issue. I can no longer fit places I should be able to fit. Walking is much more exerting than it ever has been in my life, and uphill is kind of a battle. What is worse than walking however, is standing. Standing still for any amount of time is pure torture. I guess while I am moving the momentum helps carry some of my weight, but standing still puts it all squarely on my poor swollen feet. I actually haven't had that much swelling thankfully, but now that it is warmer my feet feel thicker and heavier and impossible to reach.

Second trimester was all about the helpful people and exciting movements inside. Third trimester is all about the people insisting to help whether I want it or not and commentating on how insanely big I am for only 34 weeks. "Really, you're not due until June?!" Meanwhile, my baby is bouncing on my bladder making me wonder if he might have a future career in break dancing.

That's right, he is a boy. We have a name all picked out and if anyone else doesn't like it...well that is their problem. Yeah, you could say I am a little bit more cranky at this point. I am sure that will only get worse once Syrus is keeping me up all night (even more than he already is). That is his name by the way. I came up with it all on my own and Shannon approved immediately. Feeling disappointing that his own mother didn't have a good story for why she named him Shannon he was determined to find something cooler than "I just liked the name" to tell Syrus. I thought my idea was so wonderfully unique he would never find anything, but as usual, he surprised me. Apparently, Syrus is in Greek mythology! Syrus was the son of Sinope ( Naiad Nymph, daughter of Asopus the greek river god) and Apollo; the Syrians are named after him....well either him or Cyrus the Great.

I also seem to fall asleep any time I lie down. Just being in a reclined position means 20 minutes and I am out! I guess this is good since I won't be getting much sleep with regular feedings once Syrus gets here, but it makes it tough to stick to a schedule right now. Sometimes I wake up realizing I am running late because I accidentally fell asleep after breakfast. While this is utterly delightful to those in my family who enjoy snapping embarrassing pictures, I find it a bit inconvenient.

When I am awake however, I recently have begun my nesting phase. I was very excited for this phase to come because the idea of being motivated to actually get things done sounded wonderful to me. Unfortunately, I had no idea that this "nesting" would not give me a choice in what I decided needed done. I find myself cleaning the weirdest things. I scrubbed the walls in my kitchen, detailed my silverware drawer (is the baby going to use the silverware...no...), and have barely touched the nursery. I broke down in tears the other day because the nursery wasn't finished yet, but today I ignored it completely. Sure there is still a wall needing painted, but I better polish the faucet in the bathroom instead. I am officially a total nut job.

So all in all, third trimester is still better than first (I would not go back to that nausea for ANYTHING), but it is quite a bit less enjoyable than second trimester. If you would like to read my post on how much second trimester rocks simply click here.


  1. Ha ha ha! Awww! Poor Jair, I feel you, people thought I was due as early as April, I was so big with Garrett! And the standing thing! UGH! We had our wedding at this point in my pregnancy and I was literally in tears from the pain by the end of the reception. Still a wonderful day and I wouldn't have done it differently, but the pain still suuuuuuuuucked! If it makes you feel any better, shortly after I was just sort of "used to" being pregnant, so a lot of the discomfort quit bothering me, I was just super ready to meet "Baby" (since we didn't find out the sex until birth).

    1. I can NOT imagine all the standing you must have been doing. I am pretty sure I was tired of standing during the ceremony when I wasn't pregnant...I can't imagine doing it with the baby belly. You are an inspiration! I hope I "get used to it" soon!


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