Thursday, May 9, 2013

What to Wear for your 1st Day at a New Job

I am very much hoping to have a new job starting very soon. The job will be in a multi floored  office building. The job would entail communication with others through email and phones, very little in person. But-this new opportunity has me thinking about what I should wear to my first day on the job.

Now let me clarify from the beginning, life is not all about vanity and I don't measure my self-worth based upon such things. Here is a video that recently had a lot of publicity about the way women view themselves compared to what other people thought, we are certainly too hard on ourselves!

                                                        Real Beauty Sketches

However, I do think that dressing nicely can reflect a confidence and pride in one's self.

So, my motto going forward is that I want to dress for the job I want-not necessarily the job I have. It will be completely acceptable to wear jeans to work based off the people in positions higher than mine that I met during interviews. They did all have nicer tops, jewelry, and a professional hair and make-up done.

I feel that I want to project an image of myself that I can carry myself well in front of others (or for a future position in front of clients and customers). I also do not want to project the idea that I think I am better than others. So, I think that my goal is going to be that I will wear a nice pair of jeans with my typical work week tops on Fridays! This will show I'm a normal person too!

Always be comfortable in who you are, but don't be afraid to aim for the stars and never limit what you think you are capable of!

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