Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Stepford and His Pre-Birth Party

My mother has always claimed to be completely devoid of creativity. This is the only lie she has ever told me (she even told me the truth about Santa Claus), and I know it is a lie for two reasons: Reason number One: I have an exceptionally creative name, and not just my first name (Jairica), but also my two (yes two!!) middle names, Ranai and Destine. and Reason number Two: She planned an amazing baby shower for me with all kinds of creative ideas that she did not get from Pinterest (I know this because she doesn't know what Pinterest is).  

(A note from Stephanie: I gave her mom some ideas and she took them to an absolutely amazing next level-far beyond my own creativity! I was very impressed with how wholly she planned and carried the theme through everything.)

My nursery is carnival themed and so she carried that over to my shower with the idea that I could take decorations with me and use them! She is very practical like that. I decided I didn't want a huge shower, just a few close friends and family, but it ended up being bigger than expected because I had uncles and cousins show up! My brother had his soccer tournament the same day (his team won) so the guys all went to that and then came to the shower after. I hadn't been expecting more than a handful of people, but we had a full room with just my two Stepford Sisters, my mom's side of the family, and a couple other awesome friends. Shannon's family is planning on a get together with them as well so I am doubly blessed!

So back to my mom and her creativity. Mom put a towel down where I would be sitting "in case my water broke" which is an inside joke because I was born early and I crashed my own shower. Also, she had this brilliant idea to tie the favors (cotton candy and animal crackers) with ribbon to the stair rails and display them the way you might find at a fair. She did the same thing with the chips to some columns in the kitchen, it was super cute!

Creativity runs in the family because my uncle surprised me by attending in ringmaster attire, it was unbelievably awesome and a lot of fun!

Sara Stepford brought her new baby Lily and it was great having a baby at the baby shower, she is just too cute!!

Stephanie was wonderful and took photos of EVERYTHING so that I will have many great shots for my scrapbook! (A side thought from Stephanie: Note the pearl necklaces, we had to maintain some level of "stepfordness"!)

All and all it was a wonderful day and I am truly thankful to all my friends and family who made this so special for me!

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