Friday, June 7, 2013

More Frozen Pouch Drink Reviews for 2013

I mentioned last year in my post Drinks for Summer, that my favorite alcoholic summer beverage is the new single-serving freezer pouches. Jairica Stepford followed this up with a Frozen Drink Pouch Review of her own and now that summer is here again I have decided to keep the ball rolling on these great drinks!

To some a different flavor might not seem like a "new" thing, but to me it gives a completely new and different level to choosing what to drink.

I went to the grocery store the other night when I had a night in at home alone and my sole trip was just for double stuffed Oreos- that is until the brand new summer frozen drink pouches were so cleverly displayed on my route to the cookie isle.

Here are the three I purchased (and all perfectly delicious I might add) Bahama mama, Blue Hawaiian, and the Hurricane (not the pina colada):

I have to say, for the fairly low amount of calories for a flavored alcoholic wine the flavor is so good. These drinks certainly are sweet and have the full sweetness of the flavors you would expect. My favorite was the bahama mama. The cherry and pineapple flavors are what totally sold me. The next favorite was probably the blue hawaiaan. This had close flavor to a pina colada but fruitier than just a pineapple and coconut.  The hurricane was also very good, the closest description would be like a Kool-Aid with alcohol.

The one thing that always amazes me is the ability to freeze but still be malleable. Even when taken from the freezer after a long period of time you just have to crush it between your hand and the counter to break it up and give you a slushy consistancy. If you like your frozen drink a little on the looser side and slightly thawed you might have to wait a little while after putting it in a cup. This is great if you like to enjoy your beverage because it doesn't melt as quickly as I would have thought. However, I am one of those people who like to drink it with a straw, so I usually have to wait a little while before it is thin enough to use a straw!

These drinks just came out last summer, so I have high hopes that there will be several new flavors across the brands that make these drinks. I know that Arbor Mist, Dailys, and Parrot Bay make them, and I'm sure many other already established adult drink manufacturers will make some as well!

The next on my list of flavors to try are the Daily's hard cider and spiced sangria. Those sound great for those warm fall days!

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