Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainbow Zebra Cake Tutorial

My step-daughter graduated from high school this year. (Yikes, I know!) She is a fun loving teenager and is also the first in her immediate family to graduate from high school (as opposed to earning a GED). To celebrate this monumental occasion, her mother and myself decided to throw her a party.  

My step-daughter loves anything purple or rainbow and anything with zebra stripes, and because she is aware of my love for baking and my history with making pretty phenomenal cakes (for a novice), she asked me to bake her graduation cake.
The trick is, she asked for a rainbow zebra stripe cake.  Yikes, again. I immediately hopped onto Pintrest and Google and found that all the images for rainbow zebra cakes were done using fondant.  I refuse to work with fondant as a matter of principle.  It tastes horrible and I prefer my cakes to be edible.  So herein lies my problem.  How do I make a rainbow zebra stripe cake WITHOUT using fondant??  Enter Mama Stepford.
My mother perused the interweb tirelessly until she found a rare (but quickly gaining popularity) method that would be fast, easy and most importantly, sans fondant.
Wilton has been the go to company for anything cake related for years.  I took all my courses through Wilton and all my personal baking supplies are Wilton as well, so it was only natural that Wilton would save my behind in this situation as well.  
I've made the cake!!

I started with a white cake base (easier to dye the batter a color of my choosing) and a simple vanilla frosting.  I dyed the batter various shades of purple, iced the cake and used Wilton Sugar Sheets to complete my look, along with Wilton Color Mist Spray.  The results, in my opinion, are quite fascinating.  
It was slightly time consuming, but only  because I had the added challenges of entertaining my 7 year old son, Kasey and 6 month old daughter, Lily. I used boxed cake mix, which is supposed to be a huge faux pas among bakers, but you will get zero complaints from me.  It was much easier to 'throw together' and as long as you use quality ingredients (top of the line vegetable oil, fresh cage free egg whites, and distilled water) the taste is impeccable.  
I mixed up my two boxes of mix (I made a three layer cake) and divided the batter into three bowls which I then used Wilton Gel Coloring to dye three different shades of purple.  I leveled the layers and then whipped my two jars of icing to expand their use. (Mix in a bowl on high speed for about 2 minutes). I iced the cake completely white and got to work on my sugar sheets. I used the Color Mist to spray rainbows directly onto the front side of the zebra sugar sheet and set them to dry for 20 minutes.  Once dry, I cut them to the appropriate lengths and pressed them to the cake.  To cover the white areas I simply dyed some of my frosting purple and used a Wilton 2D (I think) tip to pipe giant stars around the borders and voila...a rainbow zebra stripe cake. 
Check it out:

Pictured above are my ingredients. Boxed white cake mix, jarred white icing, various colors of Wilton Color Mist, Wilton Sugar Sheets in zebra print and of course, Wilton Zebra cake boards.

Opps, here is the Wilton Violet Gel Icing Color I used!

Here are the cakes after I separated and dyed the batter. Pre-bake, obviously, but the colors are almost identical post bake.

Iced three layers on zebra cake board...

This is the Sugar Sheet before lined with the Color Mist colors I used.

And the Sugar Sheet after.  I know, I know, I'm amazing!!

Beginning to place my Sugar Sheets. SO easy...just peel and gently press to not dry icing. OMG, right!? It IS amazing!! But, wait...there's more!

TA DA! A BEAUTIFUL and EASY rainbow zebra stripe cake!

Good to the last piece!

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  1. How many sugar sheers do you need for this cake. I have 2 but sure if I neec more.


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